August 18, 2021

What are the consequences if the real-name mobile phone card is directly discarded without canceling or paying the fee after the arrears?

Now the mobile phone has become an indispensable part of many people's lives, 學生planand in the street, we can see that basic people have a mobile phone. We all know that mobile phones. Calls without calling cards are just a bunch of parts. Many people register one or two calling cards after receiving the call. However, when registering a phone card, real-name authentication is required. But in life, it often happens that many people's real-name mobile phone cards will not be sold after they are in arrears. Instead, they were simply thrown away. What are the consequences?

We know that real-name authentication is required to register a mobile phone card now. 香港電話儲值卡One ID card can handle up to four phone cards, and many people can handle several phone cards for life, work or entertainment. However, many people know that their phone number is already in arrears after applying for a calling card. They don't pay the bill and don't go to the business hall to cancel the phone number. They just throw it away. What are the consequences of doing this? How bad can it be?

The consequences of this are actually quite serious. . In other words, when the operator handles the package and the new card again, it will pay for a few more months.

Secondly, because these calling cards are registered with real names, your arrears information will be recorded in your credit card. If you don’t pay for a long time, the operator will blacklist you and refuse to accept all your business with this operator. Don't underestimate the operator's blacklist. In the Internet age, many things can be found through the Internet, and your debt information can also be inquired. In other words, 學生Planthese "black spots" may affect your life, and even accompany you throughout your life, with serious consequences.

The real-name mobile phone card, if you don’t cancel or pay the fee after the arrears, what will happen? The real-name system brings a lot of convenience to our lives, but it also tests everyone’s proficiency level. At the end of the article, I suggest that you pay off the arrears in time after your mobile phone number is in arrears. If not, it is recommended to go to the business hall to cancel the mobile phone number in time.

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